[Catalyst] What a waste of time

Fernan Aguero fernan at iib.unsam.edu.ar
Thu Apr 27 15:41:29 CEST 2006

+----[ Toby Corkindale <toby at ymogen.net> (27.Apr.2006 10:33):
| > On top of all that, the catalyst installation still sucks ass, even if
| > one can manage to do it sucessfully.\
| That's completely false. On Gentoo, I mounted the catalyst portage
| overlay and typed "emerge catalystframework" and went and made a coffee.
| No interaction required, no problems, and the end results "just works".

just got tempted to add that on FreeBSD is as easy: 

cd /usr/ports/www/p5-Catalyst && make install 

will get you a working Catalyst (pulling all dependencies as


PS: hello everyone, I'm just starting with catalyst :)

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