[Catalyst] Is Catalyst large enough to sustain a book?

Harley Mackenzie hjm at bigpond.com
Thu Apr 27 00:35:55 CEST 2006

During the recent "What a waste of time" thread, it was raised that Catalyst doesnt have an "Agile Web Development with Rails" book available. I dont want to waste anyones time discussing the obvious bait in this thread, but the point is valid that the whole Catalyst community would greatly benefit from a comprehensive book.

   * Does Catalyst have enough momentum and support to sustain a book?
   * Without giving away confidential information, is anyone aware of a book deing developed?

I would guess that any prospective publisher would be either OReilly, Apress, Manning (they dont seem to be too active in the Perl arena of late) or as an outside WROX (seem to go more for all in one books rather than specialist subjects). If there isnt a work in progress, is it worth developing a book proposal?


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