[Catalyst] Is Catalyst large enough to sustain a book?

Dan Sully daniel at electricrain.com
Sat Apr 29 17:44:08 CEST 2006

* Sebastian Riedel shaped the electrons to say...

>Apache Struts is a different generation framework, and the books are  old.
>When i talked to O'Reilly they made quite clear that they are a Rails  
>shop now and not interested in a Catalyst book.

I think that's a false statement. The quote from an editor at O'Reilly was:

"Ruby on Rails is the only framework that's picked up enough interest to
have a market for a book. I appreciate your contacting me, but at this
point all I can suggest for Catalyst is an article for perl.com. There
are many such projects jockeying for users; the race may perhaps not end
up going to Ruby. But we have to start small."

That does not say "ORA is a RoR shop", but rather "RoR is the most popular",
which to the best of my knowledge is true. He never closed the door.

<moof> I always think about the production machines when I think of olivia - because god, she has such a nice rackspace.

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