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Jonathan Rockway jon at jrock.us
Sun Aug 6 23:30:41 CEST 2006

Hmm, how well supported are XML namespaces by RSS readers?  I'd really
like to do something like this:

<content xmlns:h="http://www.w3.org/TR/1999/xhtml"
<h:body><h:h1>This is a post, yay.</h:h1><h:p>Paragraph</h:p>
<s:svg><!-- uh oh, we've embedded a picture --></s:svg>
<!-- and so on -->

This seems like The Right Way To Do Things; no dealing with mime types
or anything, all the content is properly encoded in the XML.  Of course
there should be XLinks to the relevant style sheet, as well.

Do feed readers support this sort of thing?

> Excellent! The most important to fix is the content model, which
> differs quite drastically between Atom 0.3 and 1.0:
> • Don’t use `type="text/html"` (or `application/xhtml+xml`, for
>   that matter). In Atom 1.0, this means you want to include a
>   full document of the respective MIME Type, the whole shebang,
>   ie.:
>         <html>
>           <head>
>             <title>...</title>
>             ...
>           </head>
>           <body>
>             ...
>           </body>
>         </html>
>   Obviously, that’s not what you mean.
> • To do the usual thing and include only fragments, either use
>   `type="html"`, which is like `mode="escaped"` in Atom 0.3; or
>   use `type="xhtml"`, which is like `mode="xml"` in Atom 0.3,
>   with the exception that `type="xhtml"` requires you to put the
>   content in an XHTML `<div>`.
> • Mixing the two does not work. You must not put child elements
>   in a text construct with `type="text"` when you’re using any
>   `text/*` MIME Type. This is what XML::Atom gets badly wrong.
> Once you address that, the resulting feeds should mostly work.
> (Not to say you should stop short of 100% validity of course.)
> Thanks for your effort. :)
> Regards,

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