[Catalyst] Feedback on longrunning processes

Paul Makepeace paulm at paulm.com
Tue Aug 8 14:40:34 CEST 2006

I have a Cat app whose FCGI external backend does a pile of processing
with a remote DB that's really slow. The issue then becomes the
Apache-FCGI link or browser-Apache link times out. The FCGI-Apache
connection I think I've solved with -idle-timeout 240 and issuing warn
statements to keep the comms going. ideally what I'd like is some kind
of (server-push?) %age feedback going to the browser so the user isn't
left wondering what's going on. I'm not immediately clear how Cat does
this; the usual means is to hand off to the View when everything's
done but this would require ongoing communication between M, V,  & C.

Is there any prior art I could re-use here?

Thanks, Paul

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