[Catalyst] Sigh. How do we get on this list?

Jonathan Rockway jon at jrock.us
Tue Aug 8 19:40:36 CEST 2006

> Cat probably needs to get more popular and show off Apple in more
> marketing material, e.g. screencasts, etc.

Warning: OT rant ahead :(

Personally, I'd like to see *less* Apple in screencasts.  I've been
burned by Apple one too many times to want to ever hear of their "OS" again.

Examples: undocumented mod_apple in Apache, forced use of Universal
binaries on PPC (had to rebuild the linker, since it insists on building
Apache modules with -arch i386 -arch ppc, even when told not to, and
guess what... that breaks things... big time), various "useful" changes
to UNIX like PT_DENY_ATTACH (DRM in the kernel, and for only $99 extra!
woo hoo!), and a whole list of other things that I wont go into detail
on.  (OK, I'll go into detail.  We bought a server from Apple with Mac
OS X Server pre-installed.  Apple botched the pre-install, so I
installed Server myself.  Kernel panic.  A call to Apple reveals that
it's just too bad, they don't support Server on that machine.  So now I
have a useless dual G5 sitting around that OS X won't run on.  Awesome,
Apple, just awesome.  Then my other XServe had a NIC fail.  We have full
on-site support for the thing, but Apple tells us it's not a problem and
we can just use the other NIC.  Guess what guys, there's a reason that
we need two NICs.)

Anyway, when your free software depends on a non-Free OS, it ain't free
anymore.  When a vendor with a "firm commitment to Open Source" builds
iTunes DRM into their kernel, it's time to run.  Run as fast as you
can.  (My Powerbook runs OpenBSD now, and quite frankly, it's awesome. 
It's nice to sit in a coffee shop and know that someone's not
compromising my machine due to a buffer overflow in my WiFi card's
binary blob.)


Sorry about that :)  Moral of the story, please encourage other people
to use Linux or a RealBSD, not DRM-encumbered proprietary malware.

Jonathan Rockway

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