[Catalyst] Catalyst::Model::FileSystem? Anybody who's using their own wanna make one? =)

Jonathan Rockway jon at jrock.us
Wed Aug 9 22:17:39 CEST 2006

> Any features missing from that that you think you'd want?

A quick glance doesn't reveal how slurp is implemented, but hopefully
you're using sysread.

As for features, my app needs (and has implemented) atomic writes,
extended filesystem attributes, ctime, mtime, etc.  When I get a chance,
I'll see what enhancements I can make, send you a patch, and then I'll
use your model as a superclass for time.  Reusability is good  At some
point I'm also going to write an SQL frontend to the filesystem, just
for fun...

(Unfortunately I have about 8 other things pending, so this is going to
have to wait a week or two.)

Also, it seems to me that there should be some layer above this that
Catalyst just happens to use.  No need to limit the Filesystem model to
catalyst users only.

Jonathan Rockway

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