[Catalyst] question on storing session in win32 machine

Nagarajan M naga_cit at yahoo.co.in
Thu Aug 10 05:28:34 CEST 2006

Thanks Daniel,
  It works!

Daniel Westermann-Clark <dwc at pobox.com> wrote:
  On 2006-08-10 03:30:51 +0100, Nagarajan M wrote:
> [error] Caught exception in engine "Can't locate object method "store_session_da
> ta" via package "MyApp" at C:/Perl/site/lib/Catalyst\Plugin\Session.pm line 131."
> MyApp.pm loaded plugins
> ===================
> use Catalyst qw/
> -Debug
> ConfigLoader
> Static::Simple
> Authentication
> Authentication::Store::DBIC
> Authentication::Credential::Password
> Session
> Session::Store
> Session::State
> Cache::FileCache
> Session::State::Cookie
> /;

You didn't load a Session::Store implementation.

The manual suggests Cache::FileCache, but this plugin is not a
Session::Store implementation. Instead, you'll need to install
Catalyst::Plugin::Session::Store::File, and change "Session::Store" to
e.g. "Session::Store::File" in your plugin list.

Daniel Westermann-Clark

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