[Catalyst] User Generated Content (project collaboration)

Roman roman at fili.ca
Sun Aug 13 19:01:25 CEST 2006

I have an idea for a great Catalyst based project that can really show 
the power of Catalyst and spawn some extra projects from this and give 
Catalyst some coverage.

The idea is to build a framework for "User Generated Content" type of 
websites. All of those website usually have many features in common. 
Usually the only difference is the type of content users generate 
(pictures, texts, links, etc...).

The flow usually goes somewhat like this:

   1. Register
   2. Login
   3. Participate in content generation
   4. Modify profile
   5. User interaction
   6. Content votes, comments

But there are also a few "background" tasks such as:

    * Content administration
    * Moderation
    * User management
    * Website administration

The framework would have most of the features ready to go 
out-of-the-box, and abstract the "content" part that can be expanded and 
adopted to specific projects.

Anyone interested?

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