[Catalyst] Static file serving question

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Mon Aug 14 07:58:42 CEST 2006


it seems that for me to have a path /files served statically I need to
add something like this in my root

MyApp->config->{static}->{include_path} = [

Then any file in /files will be served statically without Catalyst
working its magic.

So far so good.

Now suppose I have a large set of directories, which may also be deep
under /files, and would not be able to enumerate them at server startup
time.  Do I need to add each directory to this include path, or is the
upper include path, /files sufficient?  From the text, I think it might
be sufficient for /files, but I would like to be sure.

That is, I have


and I want to make sure I can serve everything under and including
/files if I use /files in the include_path directive.


Joe Landman
landman |at| scalableinformatics |dot| com

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