[Catalyst] Forms and Plugins and Tutorials, oh my!!

Jonathan Rockway jon at jrock.us
Fri Aug 18 00:34:43 CEST 2006

That sounds like what I'm planning.  Is your code around somewhere (that
you'd make available under the Perl license)?

Alex Pavlovic wrote:
> I use following
> Data::UUID ( so each image has unique identifier )
> GD ( interface to GD )
> Image::Resize ( nicer syntax )
> Plugin sounds intresting.
> Cheers.
> On Thursday 17 August 2006 10:39, Jonathan Rockway wrote:
>> I am writing a plugin to do this as we speak.  Expect it to hit CPAN by
>> the end of the weekend.  The API looks something like:
>> my $image = $c->register_image('/path/to/the/image');
>> $image will have methods like $image->url that return a fully-qualified
>> URL that your web server can statically serve the image from.  You can
>> also expire the images, delete them, get a scaled version (for exciting
>> AJAX scaling effects; yay), etc.
>> The details aren't completely worked out yet, though, and are subject to
>> major changes.  (This was going to be a Controller in my app, but I
>> guess a plugin is more useful to others.  Major change #1 :)
>>> And now I have a couple of image plugin related questions.  Are there any
>>> Catalyst plugins to help deal with uploaded images?  I'm looking for
>>> something along the lines of:
>>>   1.  Generate a random name to avoid duplicate filename conflicts and
>>> move the uploaded image to an image directory.
>>>   2.  Generate a thumbnail for the image.
>>>   3.  Store the needed image path and size info in a database.
>>>   4.  Helper functions to spit out an appropriate image tag in a template
>>>       for images in the database.
>> "Images in the database"?  Depending on what these are, you might want
>> to look up URI::data.
>> data:text/x-perl,print%20%22Just%20another%20Catalyst%20hacker.%22
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