[Catalyst] Why scaffolding? Validation and Learning

Zbigniew Lukasiak zzbbyy at gmail.com
Sun Aug 20 19:53:18 CEST 2006

Hi Peter,

I've reread the email you linked to.  You write there about your own
on the subject of visual building of application.  This is very interesting
to me.  Very ambitious also.  If you need some help from the InstantCRUD
side (common data structure, API whatever) - then email me.

Nice to hear about people building something around Instant.


On 8/17/06, peter at dragonstaff.com <peter at dragonstaff.com> wrote:
> Dear Zby,
> First off thank you for writing InstandCRUD, it made it much easier for me
> to understand the Catalyst way of doing things.
> I posted some comments about frameworks here:
> http://lists.rawmode.org/pipermail/catalyst-dev/2006-July/000194.html
> The problem with generated frameworks is shown in Visual C++ where you
> generate a screen then are stuck with manual changes after because if you
> go back to the meta-model and regenerate you lose code. So in that respect
> I agree with what Matt is saying.
> However, the problem facing most IT managers is that they have a majority
> of average programmers who cannot handle more abstract design but can
> handle point and click interface building based on a data source.
> This competes somewhat with Catalyst's ideals to be lean, mean and not
> tied to a particular One True Way. The way I see it is that you need the
> core Catalyst, which is a pretty cool set of code, and a sample OTW
> approach to get people started but which they can go beyond.
> We're using Catalyst in a project I'm managing and I hope very much that
> one of the outcomes from that will be to make it easier for other people
> to use Catalyst. That is because I have tried (and failed) to pitch
> Catalyst to IT customers because it's too complicated as it is now for
> their staff.
> Best wishes,
> Peter Edwards
> http://www.dragonstaff.com - Business IT Consultancy
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Zbigniew Lukasiak
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