[Catalyst] automatic CRUD (was: how to get started?)

burninbruce at yahoo.com burninbruce at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 21 22:49:52 CEST 2006

Thanks for all the helpful replies!

fireartist wrote:
> If you post the error messages you get to this list, I'm sure someone
> will be able to help.

There were dozens, at least.  It's probably the missing-dependency
problem described in the other replies.  Modules are not being
installed automatically in an order that works.  Strange that
cat-install worked for some people.  It died just as spectacularly
for me.  Maybe the people it worked for already had a bunch of
important dependencies properly installed that I didn't have.

jjn1056 wrote:
> If you'd like I make a quick and dirty script to load
> CPAN modules in an order that seems to work when I
> start from a vanilla 5.8.7 install.

That sounds like it would be very helpful, should I ever have
reason to deal with this absurd CPAN installation mess.


fireartist wrote:
> Many modules, particularly DBI / DBD::SQLite, include C code which
> needs to be compiled on the target machine.

Ok, now I realize Catalyst isn't what I'm looking for.

I need something more lightweight.  I'm doing this for fun in my
spare time and wanting something I can host on a cheap web hosting
provider that only supports perl/CGI/PHP and MySQL but doesn't
allow compiling and installing my own C software.  Or if there's
nothing that does what I want in perl or PHP, I could pop for a
slightly more expensive hosting service that would support Python
or Java or Ruby on Rails, but still not installing new C software.

What I want should be simple: a utility written entirely in Perl
or PHP that I'd run once to query the schema of an existing MySQL
database, which would output a set of new scripts (also entirely
in Perl or PHP) that would let a user perform basic web-based
CRUD operations on the tables in the database, preferably using a
nice, simple MVC design.  Then I could customize those scripts as
needed.  Does such a utility exist?

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