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Zbigniew Lukasiak zzbbyy at gmail.com
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If I reformulate my statement as follow:

There is one practical argument not to have the business logic in the
controller - it is ...

Can we agree?

The result I would like to get from this conversation is that I don't see
some point of time controllers with business logic in them at CPAN.


On 8/22/06, Kaare Rasmussen <kaare at jasonic.dk> wrote:
> > There is one practical argument for having the business logic in the
> model
> > - it is the necessity of using it from command line/cron job tools.  I
> have
> But it's easily overcome if you put your logic in separate modules. I
> don't
> think that practical problems like this should dictate your design
> philosophy.
> More than that, it seems to me that it's a major shortcoming of the MVC
> model
> that there's no real good place to put the real beef, the logic. i'd like
> to
> keep the model as a persistence layer. The logic I'd put there should only
> be
> concerned with keeping data consistent.
> The controller should only be interested in moving things around and the
> viewer is completely out of the question :-)
> So in my view, business logic, rules, computations (other than simple data
> twisting) and other stuff that has to be flexible doesn't really fit in.
> Of
> course you can have it in the model, but then the model really has two
> layers, a persistence and a processing layer.
> Each developer has to solve that independently at least until Catalyst
> will
> shine as the first MLVC (Model-Logic-View-Controller) system ;-)
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