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Tue Aug 29 21:38:42 CEST 2006

Matt S Trout <dbix-class at trout.me.uk> 08/25/2006 04:23 PM wrote: 
> leonard.a.jaffe at jpmchase.com wrote:
> > 
> > I need to be able to handle URLs like these:
> > 
> > 2) /report/2006/08/22                        -   likewise for 
> > master(2006-08-22) and all of its detail children
> > 3) /report/add/                                    -   inserts a new 
> > master record for today's date
> > 
> > 5) /report/2006/08/22/add         -   inserts an issue for 
> > master(2006/08/22)
> > [ likewise for update of issue data]
> > 
> > 7) /report/2006/08/22/edit/3                - displays the screen for 
> > master(2006/08/22) with issue(3) loaded into the issued add/edit form.
> > 
> > Any hints would be greatly appreciated.
> sub base :Chained('/') :PathPart('report') :CaptureArgs(0)
> sub master_by_id :Chained('base') :PathPart('') :CaptureArgs(1)
> sub master_by_date :Chained('base') :PathPart('') :CaptureArgs(3)
> then you'd set up a controller base-class for your actual actions with 
> own 'base' action, and declare one as chained off of master_by_id and 
> other off of master_by_date
> That might seem like unnecessary duplication, but it's -really- handy in 
> of doing uri_for($action, ...) because it allows you to explicitly 
> which path you're following.

Thanks Matt!

I decided to bag the idea of using the master record id, and only use the
report date to specify the master record.  That simplified it a little.
The I realized, that in my little world, the following are all valid:

I did not quite follow your reasoning for using multiple class files, so 
proceeded with the "one class to rule them all" design.  I've listed my 
signatures below, in case anybody wants to puzzle out how these chained 
work together for me.  I say "puzzle" with love. I really like how this is 

turning out.  I can  one action that is responsible for getting my master 
and know that it will run, and not have to repeatedly write calls to 
at every end-point action.

So the list of signatures below, implements the four actions above, and 


in a few moments I'll be implementing /dailystatusrpt/*/*/*/issue/*/edit
and /dailystatusrpt/*/*/*/issue/*/update

sub base :Chained('/') PathPart('') CaptureArgs(0) {
sub drpt : Chained('base') PathPart('dailystatusrpt') CaptureArgs(0) {
sub view_drpt :Chained('drpt') PathPart('view') Args(0) {}
sub drpt_year : Chained('base') PathPart('dailystatusrpt') CaptureArgs(1) 
sub year_view :Chained('drpt_year') PathPart('view') Args(0) {}
sub drpt_month : Chained('base') PathPart('dailystatusrpt') CaptureArgs(2) 
sub view_month :Chained('drpt_month') PathPart('view') Args(0) {}
sub drpt_day : Chained('base') PathPart('dailystatusrpt') CaptureArgs(3) {
sub day_view :Chained('drpt_day') PathPart('view') Args(0) {
sub create_drpt :Chained('drpt_day') PathPart('create') Args(0) {
sub issue : Chained('drpt_day') PathPart CaptureArgs(0) {}
sub create_issue : Chained('issue') PathPart('add')  Args(0) {


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