[Catalyst] FormValidator::Simple Sillyness

A. Pagaltzis pagaltzis at gmx.de
Wed Aug 30 00:05:59 CEST 2006

* Christopher H. Laco <claco at chrislaco.com> [2006-08-29 23:40]:
> Although, for the sake of my being a pain in the ass; when I
> think 'form data validation', I don't think of something w/ the
> words :HTML: and :Widget: .. :-P

And to take your complaint annoyingly literally, that’s true, but
H::W doesn’t just validate your form, it also uses the same
information to generate it, hence the name. And that actually
makes more sense than pure validation, because the information
necessary to generate a form is also necessary to validate it,
meaning H::W is more DRY.

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