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> Hi,
> I'm sure this is a no brainer but I just can't find it 
> anywhere.  Basically what I am trying to find out is if there 
> is a programmatic way to discover the url for a given action 
> in controller just by using the action name.  Here is the 
> example I am trying to deal with:

You've got it backwards. In your example the `list', `template' and `view'
actions all map to `/templates'.

You should have something like:

  package MyApp::Controller::Templates;

  sub template :Chained('/') :PathPart('') :CaptureArgs(1) {...}
  sub list :Chained('template') :Args(0) {...}
  sub view :Chained('template') :Args(0) {...}

chType/Chained.pm#Introduction for a good example.



> Basically I'd like to replace the hardcoded path in the 
> redirect("/templates") since I am not too sure where this app 
> will eventually sit in the web hierarchy.  Now, the docs for 
> $c->get_uri says you can pass an action to it to get the url, 
> which seems to me what I want.  If I did:
> $c->response->redirect($c->uri_for('templates'));
> Would this work correctly even if this controller ends up 
> deeply nested?

`$c->response->redirect($c->uri_for('templates'))' should work, since it's a
path relative to the current controller. The uri_for method should prepend
the URI with your app's base URL and the path to the controller, so that
should be all you need.
> --john
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