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Michele Beltrame mb at italpro.net
Fri Dec 1 08:51:14 GMT 2006

Hello all!

I am in Italy. The perception around here is, as many said, that in the 
enterprise world nobody cares about Perl; there's no big Ruby scene, on 
the other hand. Python is going a lot better, but the key role is being 
played by Java, C#.NET, etc..

Finding Perl programmers in my area is not a big problem, because I 
usually look for any-language programmers who can then learn Perl. Come 
on, a good coder can learn a new language quickly. The real problem is 
finding _good_ programmers, no matter the language. ;-)

> As for PHP its barrier to entry is so low perl will never ever compete
> in that space until it can match both the simplicity of the language
> and ease of installation and deployment.

I agree with you, mostly. However, most PHP applications are small web 
sites, coded directly by web designers who wouldn't be able (not because 
they're idiots, but because there core job is web design) to write 
anything but a few lines of PHP to submit a form or display a dynamic 
description of a product on a web page. Perl/Catalyst has to fight with 
PHP (and of course Rails, etc...) on the larger applications, I think 
there's no point in trying to enter the small web sites "market".

> Perl 5 is a lost cause, IMO. It's just too hard, too crufty, too
> weighed down by years of negative perception. Perl 6 is our only hope.
> (And I sincerely hope they call it something different from Perl 6)

Perl 7? :-)


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