[Catalyst] Re: Last Chance / Last Day: Web development platform contest and Perl / Catalyst

Jonathan Rockway jon at jrock.us
Mon Dec 4 19:37:39 GMT 2006

Michael Reece wrote:
> <cut>
> and get a big "*Not found*" from search.cpan.org

Well, we don't control search.cpan.org, so that's really not something
we can help.  www.jrock.us doesn't contain the Ruby on Rails docs, so if
you go looking for them there, you'll be out of luck.  Yes, I know I'm
difficult :)

However, I think it would be good to keep up-to-date documentation on
the Catalyst website.  This way we can ensure that things are up to
date.  With a bit of CSS, we can spice up the look-and-feel also.

Eventually we'll want to automate this whenever a new release is tagged
(which means that new releases actually need to be tagged ;), but for
now, a static site is fine.

Also, I think it's time for a homepage redesign.  It's nice looking, but
there's zero information.  ABW thinks it's nice, OK, that's great :)

Once that's done, we should start moving stuff from the wiki to a
nice-looking static site... even I can't find anything on the wiki, and
am always surprised to hear that there's good information there.  It's a
shame to hide good information, just because a wiki is easy to edit.

Anyway, I'll put together a tarball of xhtml'd docs (and CSS) and post
it to dev@ ASAP.  It will probably be core first, and then a subsection
of modules.  Here's what my mental picture looks like right now:

Main doc page
* intro to Catalyst blurb
* Catalyst API
* Tutorial
* Other manual pages
* Modules

Catalyst API:
* (the usual PODs for Catalyst::*)

* easily browsable tutorial, probably on a single page (easier IMHO).
maybe a LaTeX'd PDF download for reading on the train or whatever.
(easy to do with pod2latex)

Other man pages:
* C::M::Deployment and similar
* old advent calendar entires

 * Plugins
   * C::P::Foo -> link to POD
   * C::P::Bar -> link to POD
   * ...
 * Ms
   * C::M::DBIC::Schema -> link to POD
 * Cs
   * BindLex -> ...
 * Vs
   * TT/TTSite/etc. -> ...

and so on.

Finally, I think I'll add a header to each page to make them fit in with
the catalystframework.org style, and have links to the mailing list
archives and RT on each page (so people can report issues).


Jonathan Rockway

package JAPH;use Catalyst qw/-Debug/;($;=JAPH)->config(name => do {
$,.=reverse qw[Jonathan tsu rehton lre rekca Rockway][$_].[split //,
";$;"]->[$_].q; ;for 1..4;$,=~s;^.;;;$,});$;->setup;

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