[Catalyst] Couldn't forward to "vdc::View::tt". Does not implement "process"

Alejandro Imass alejandro.imass at gmail.com
Mon Dec 18 12:55:57 GMT 2006

Thank You!

That was the problem. I created a soft link with capital TT and it is
now working.

Can anyone explain why this has happened???? Is this a version
problem? The application is working fine in my development laptop and
_was_ working fine on this server also. Then all of a sudden it
stopped working on the server! How is this possible? The only thing
that changed is that I added the Authentication, Authorization and
HTML::Widget modules among others..... could this have triggered the
capitalization scheme difference or is it a difference between 5.7001
and 5.7007. Note that the application is still working on the laptop
with 5.7001 !!!

On 12/18/06, John Beppu <john.beppu at gmail.com> wrote:
> vdc::View::tt doesn't seem to exist in the files you attached.  However, you
> do have a vdc::View::TT -- note the capital "T"s.
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