[Catalyst] Virtual file system

vti mbit at ukr.net
Mon Dec 18 14:25:47 GMT 2006

Robert 'phaylon' Sedlacek wrote:
> vti wrote:
> > Actually I just want to stay in no-?-params style. I really like chaining
> > things when you have something like /material/1232/edit. 
> And what if you want to edit something named edit?
>   /material/edit/edit
> You could even get around that, but what about viewing something named
> 123/edit?
>   /material/123/edit
> Wouldn't be quite it.
> > I thought about the same way, but doing like:
> > 
> > /materials/add/<and here goes our path>
> You can do that too. But if you are always dealing with a variable
> number of arguments, prefixing the called action onto the path is the
> way to go imho. It is a much cleaner approach in my experience.

Thanks for sharing experience. Have you ever thought about the way to somehow
distiguish command from param? Like /material/bunch/of/params/:action

But probably ?-way is better then reinventing the wheel. It could be great if
there were some recomendations on this kind of question...

Appreciate your help

vti -- Viacheslav Tikhanovskii
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