[Catalyst] Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication::Store::LDAPsettingsfor Microsoft Active Directory

Peter Karman peter at peknet.com
Fri Dec 22 22:34:08 GMT 2006

Hermida, Leandro scribbled on 12/22/06 10:11 AM:
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> It works!  Thanks for this link!

glad it helped.

> TLS or SSL don't seem to work when connecting to Active Directory so
> please do not set start_tls: 1 nor specify the ldap_server as a URI with
> ldaps://.  If someone has managed to get this to work using Net::LDAP, I
> would really like to know.

I had a similar issue (nearly a year ago now) with TLS/SSL and AD, and trying to 
get the (now deprecated) C::P::Auth::LDAP module working.

I ended up just putting a simple CGI in front of the AD server under https as a 
web service. The CGI uses Net::LDAP across a LAN from the Linux/Apache CGi host 
to the AD server. It does the auth and returns a simple XML (or could be json or 
whatever) string indicating the auth status and roles/groups on success. Then I 
just cache the roles in the session.

It was the easiest way to provide secure auth across the 'net using AD and 
Catalyst. Plus, now we use it outside of Catalyst since it's just a CGI.


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