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Yes, sorry, I haven't explained very well, and I think I have found a 
I have a few databases which are similar. Most of the tables are the same, 
and in some of them I have more other tables or some tables redefined.

I want to test the application using a certain database, and if all works 
right, I want to use it with another one, and I don't want to need creating 
another Catalyst application just because I have changed the database.

If I write the name of the database in more modules it will be harder to 
change its name, but now I I think that I could use something like:


and just change the name of the db in the application config.


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Octavian Rasnita said:

> I need to access the same database in more controller modules, using the
> following line in every subroutine and every module:
> my $schema = $c->model('DB');
> Is it possible to define it only in one place and make it available in the
> entire application?

Sorry, I don't get it. $c->model() *is* available in the entire application.

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