[Catalyst] RFC for Catalyst enabled GWT clone

John Napiorkowski jjn1056 at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 29 21:47:13 GMT 2006

Since it's Friday before the holiday (for me in the
USA at least) I thought to share some random
speculation with the list.

I've been working a bit with the Google Web Toolkit as
part of my day job and although I really love the idea
behind it I don't love the Java complications of it
and was thinking something similar could be for
Catalyst and might solve a particular kind of need for
those of up building more application style then
content presentation style.

I also think this could be done much better, in such
as way to more cleanly seperate the rendered from the
UI model so that we could use TT templates to pump out
for different interfaces.

I realize part of this could easily overlap with the
Reaction projecta.  I've spent a lot of time looking
and poking the code but I must admit that I'm not
asute enough to pick out all the points of potential
convergence.  Comments on that would be helpful.

So I guess my question is would people like a GWT like
system for Catalyst and if so what would you like to
see in it?

For example, I was thinking it would be great to have
a UI model for a site, to make generating site maps
really easy.  For example, like:

my $site = UI::Site->new({

  title => 'My Cool Site'
  pages => UI::Pages->new()->push([



my @urls = $site->pages;

Then on particular pages you can use the GWT concept
of widges to create models to represent bundles of
functional and have a TT template to convert that into
something meaningful.  I'd like to see this renderer
bundled with a good Javascript library like Jquery to
make it more easy to create dynamic controls.

Anyway I have a whole pile of fake-code around playing
with the idea but nothing firmed up yet.

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