[Catalyst] Debugging in Catalyst

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Thu Jan 5 18:16:03 CET 2006

Great!  I will work on this soon.

Matt S Trout wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 05, 2006 at 11:33:25AM -0500, Joe Landman wrote:
>>Another (related) question.  While digging around in the internals of 
>>DBIx::Class::* I noted that all of the DBI stuff is done without the 
>>eval safety net.  I mention this as I had some errors that were really 
>>hard to catch.  I have personally been using the eval { $sth = DBI->()} 
>>bit on all DBI for a while now (several years) in large part due to the 
>>tendency of DBI to toss exceptions if you look at it cross-eyed why it 
>>is crunching.  I look at ?@ and return it to the caller in an anonymous 
>>hash.  This has made debugging so much easier for me.  The 
>>DBIx::SimplePerl is an example of this.  When something dies, you can 
>>find out exactly what the DBI/DBD layer thought was a valid reason for 
> My experience with DBI is that it doesn't throw exceptions unless you add
> RaiseError to your DBI options; if you look in Storage/DBI.pm you'll find
> that pretty much everything runs through 'sub _execute' if it's doing
> DBI works; I'd certainly be willing to consider a patch that checks the
> $rv and throws a suitable exception if there's an error - and wrapping that
> in an eval cage so exceptions can be re-thrown with extra debugging info would
> also be very welcome.

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