[Catalyst] Wishlist for 2006!

Ishigaki Kenichi ishigaki at tcool.org
Fri Jan 6 13:53:28 CET 2006

>"Gavin Henry" <ghenry at perl.me.uk> wrote:
><quote who="Sebastian Riedel">
>> After two weeks of intensive World of Warcraft playing and a lot of
>> very good food i'm back now and ready to take over the world.
>> I'd like to start the new year with a wishlist of things YOU would
>> like to see in Catalyst (and related projects).
>> To get this started, my most important wish (sorry mst) is:
>> * Schema support for DBIx::Class (SQL::Translator::Producer::DBIxClass)
>> And now post your wishes or stay silent for the rest of the year! ;)

And more translation? ;)

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