[Catalyst] Wishlist for 2006!

Kevin Old kevinold at gmail.com
Fri Jan 6 19:19:55 CET 2006

Hello everyone,

On 1/6/06, Sebastian Riedel <sri at oook.de> wrote:
> And now post your wishes or stay silent for the rest of the year! ;)

First, let me thank all of those involved in getting Catalyst to where
it is today.  Without you MVC would still be another acronym to me and
I'd still be developing in a hacked up environment.

Here's my wishlist:

1) I second Chris Laco's suggestion for Scaffold/App creation via YAML
2) CRUD Scaffolding indepented of View (ie TT).  I prefer Mason over
TT, and have to rewrite the templates to work via Mason.  I'd thought
about creating a Helper developed in paralell with the current CRUD
that produces TT, but haven't had the time to invest in it.
3) CRUD for DBIx::Class

I guess what I see is that a general CRUD Plugin/Helper should be
created and possibly a line of "CRUDViews" could be created.  I'm not
sure, but would love to discuss it more.

I'm willing to help develop out something like that once I finish
Catalyst::View::Excel::Template and Catalyst::View::PDF::Template in a
few weeks.

Thanks for listening,
Kevin Old
kevinold at gmail.com

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