[Catalyst] MySQL on another host, YAML

Davood Firoozian davood at sibiran.com
Wed Jan 18 04:47:16 CET 2006

Using this YAML config

    dsn: 'dbi:mysql:svpn:svnserver'
    user: 'dummy'
    password: 'monaliza'
    options: {}
    relationships: 1

got an error:

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds 
to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 
':svnserver LIKE 'svpn_account_role'' at line 1 [for Statement "SHOW 
TABLE STATUS FROM svpn:svnserver LIKE 'svpn_account_role'"] at 
/usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.6/DBIx/ContextualFetch.pm line 52.

and here is the Query log:

060118  2:41:06      16 Connect     dummy at on svpn
                     16 Query       SHOW TABLES
                     16 Quit
                     17 Connect     dummy at on svpn
                     17 Query       DESCRIBE svpn_account_role
                     17 Query       DESCRIBE svpn_accounts
                     17 Query       DESCRIBE svpn_configs
                     17 Query       DESCRIBE svpn_log
                     17 Query       DESCRIBE svpn_reseller
                     17 Query       DESCRIBE svpn_role
                     17 Query       DESCRIBE svpn_try_accounts
                     17 Query       SHOW TABLE STATUS FROM 
svpn:svnserver LIKE 'svpn_account_role'
                     17 Quit

help me find the error plz

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