[Catalyst] Missing weak references in my version of Perl

Christopher H. Laco claco at chrislaco.com
Mon Jan 23 15:02:57 CET 2006

Karl.Moens at marsh.com wrote:
> Dear Listmembers,
> Yesterday I tried to update Catalyst to its latest version. CPAN however
> lists lots of errors, mainly of the "Your Perl does not support weak
> references"-form. I am using Activestate Perl 5.8.7 build 813 on Windows
> XP.
> Thinking my Scalar::List::Utils module was in need of an update (which is
> the source of the weak-references) I installed the latest version 1.18
> through ppm, but to no avail. I must have broken something when doing one
> or other upgrade but I cannot trace what.

FYI, IIRC, the @INC in AS Perl is backwords. It always uses lib/ before
site/lib/, so if you install anything that's included in it's core lib,
it  will still use its version, not the new version you've just installed.

I had the same problem with File::Spec in AS Perl. If you have indeed
installed Scalar::Utils and it's in site/lib, delete the one shipped
with AS from its lib/ directory...

I think that should fix your issue.


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