[Catalyst] JSON instead of YAML?

Andrew Libby andrew.libby at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 16:13:20 CET 2006

knoebi wrote:

>I like YAML as a config format. Switching to another not so human
>readable format because we don't have a simple & working YAML-Module
>in CPAN at the moment doesn't sound like a very good idea to me. Also
>it would break with backward compatibility.
>For the moment, we just could fork a new YAML Module from YAML 0.39
>and use that till we see a better solution?

One thing that drives me crazy about YAML is my desire to have variable
references within my config file.  I my short reading up on YAML, it
didn't seem
to support that.  Otherwise,  I feel the same way phillip does.

A common problem I run into is when I specify paths to things that my
app might need to
get it's hands on.  I wind up having a few configuration items repeating
the same base

It's my hope that I'm using Config::YAML incorrectly and that it does
indeed support
variable referencing.  Any luck of that?


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