[Catalyst] Form processing with catalyst, html::widget, and template toolkit

Todd Charron todd at neteffect.ca
Fri Jan 27 16:02:33 CET 2006


I'm just starting with catalyst and I'm trying to get my head around how all 
of these modules work together/how they're supposed to be best used.

Previously I've been doing sites with CGI Formbuilder and HTML Template, so 
I'm fairly new with catalyst, html::widget and template toolkit.

My question is, when using html::widget how does that fit into the MVC model?  

Does all of it go in the controller?  If so, how is it included in a TT view?  

If you're just using html::widget for form validation, how do you get from 
form display, to validation, back to the form (or to the completion of the 

If you're creating the form with html::widget how do you get it into the view 
from the controller and back again?

It's probably really obvious, but for some reason I just can't seem to wrap my 
head around it.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  



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