[Catalyst] Static::Simple::Confusing

Christopher H. Laco claco at chrislaco.com
Sun Jan 29 18:47:31 CET 2006

Andy Grundman wrote:
> Christopher H. Laco wrote:
>> Just for the sake of asking, isn't everything in the root/static folder
>> served statically even if it's not static content?
> Nope, root/static is not special unless you configure it that way.  Only
> files with extensions are served as static files.
> -Andy

Right, which I think is the stem of the confusion somewhat. Outside of
static, I'd expect things to play the mime game. Inside of static, I
expect everything to be....static.

Adding html to the list of static files is a win/lose proposition. Some
like it. Some don't.

If anything, I think the static directory should be just that: 100% of
the things found in it should be served directly san processing.

Maybe that's just me.

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