[Catalyst] C::P::StackTrace eats template exceptions?

Daniel Westermann-Clark daniel at acceleration.net
Sun Jul 16 05:58:20 CEST 2006


I upgraded to Catalyst::Plugin::StackTrace 0.05 earlier tonight and
ran into a slight problem with a TT template I was working on.

The template uses Template::Plugin::File to display an (optional) set
of images; as mentioned in its documentation, it throws a
Template::Exception when the file does not exist.  In the template:

[% TRY %]
  [% USE File(c.path_to('root', 'static', 'images', 'nonexistent.jpg')) %]
  <img src="[% c.uri_for('/static/images/nonexistent.jpg') %]" />
[% CATCH %]
  No image...
[% END %]

Using Catalyst::Plugin::StackTrace 0.04 this would display "No
image...".  With 0.05 this displays the img tag.

Daniel Westermann-Clark

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