[Catalyst] Is users table primary key available in $c->user?

Dylan Vanderhoof DylanV at semaphore.com
Mon Jul 17 18:04:41 CEST 2006

This appears to change on a regular basis.  Does anybody know whether
$c->user->user or $c->user->obj is the correct way to access this
object?  Its changed over several upgrades and broken code in the
process.  The Auth version I have installed currently is $c->user->obj.

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	this should also work...
	$user_row_obj = $c->user->obj
	On 7/14/06, Dennis Daupert < ddaupert at sbcglobal.net
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		Dennis Daupert < ddaupert at sbcglobal.net> wrote: 

			I want to update my join table 'user_quotes'
using the logged-in user's id. 

		I found it!
		my $user_id = $c->user->user->id;
		Weird, since my users table is named 'users' and not
user. But I can't argue with what works. 

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