[Catalyst] Is users table primary key available in $c->user?

Dylan Vanderhoof DylanV at semaphore.com
Mon Jul 17 18:17:52 CEST 2006

It was a question, not a criticism.  If it breaks code (on my test
server, mind you, I don't regularly upgrade my production one), its my
own damn fault.  =)

Thank you for answering the question.  


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> in $c->user?
> Dylan Vanderhoof wrote:
> > This appears to change on a regular basis.  Does anybody 
> know whether 
> > $c->user->user or $c->user->obj is the correct way to access this 
> > object?  Its changed over several upgrades and broken code in the 
> > process.  The Auth version I have installed currently is 
> $c->user->obj.
> I believe that's now the canonical way.
> Changes have been made with the intention of full backward 
> compatibility; if 
> it broke your code either you were misusing the API or 
> there's a bug you 
> failed to report.
> Next time, report the bug at the time. Complaining after the 
> fact and claiming 
> it "appears to change on a regular basis" without details to help the 
> maintainers resolve any problems is not constructive.

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