[Catalyst] How do you structure multi-table DBIx queries?

Dennis Daupert ddaupert at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jul 25 14:47:10 CEST 2006

> You can see usage examples in DBIx::Class::Manual::Cookbok

Nilson, thanks for the reply. Yes, I've combed thru that, printed out, combed some more; that, and several others.

> If you don't know how to define your relationships, you should take a
> look at DBIx::Class::Manual::Intro and other related docs.

I've also read thru the Intro, and worked thru various tutorials,
including the latest series (this one sets up some basic has_many, 
many_to_many, and belongs_to):


Admittedly, I AM NOT A DBA ;-) I consider myself a DBN (database noobie) 
But I do know my setup is at least workable. I have several sets of 
working hand-rolled CRUD pages. I'm just having a bit of trouble translating
the join and prefetch examples in, for example, the DBIx::Class::Manual::Cookbook
to my multi-table, multi-join, column subset query.


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