[Catalyst] utf-8 (again) -- test server works perfectly, apache flubs it

apv apv at sedition.com
Sun Jul 30 08:46:02 CEST 2006

My new Catalyst project's utf-8 is working perfectly on the test  
server; plain displays or via form submission. DBIC underneath mysql  
with utf8_columns and everything set up; I wrote a modified test of  
the one in the DBIC suite and it's passing for the correct columns on  
the correct table.

Plugin::Unicode loaded. Catalyst::View::TT::ForceUTF8 as the "base"  
view or not (and I certainly prefer not because it breaks if your  
TAGS aren't the default [% %]).

The apache driven one is replacing (in most browsers) utf-8 with lots  
of "?"s. I've got another app that does utf-8 fine via apache.

Why in the world is the test server working right but the apache (2)  
driven server working wrong for exactly the same code and config  
file, etc?

Where should I start looking? If it's a permissions issue (test runs  
as me but apache runs as nobody), how...?

Any ideas would be considered manna in the desert.

The only clue I've got is that the config file has utf-8 which is  
behaving properly in both; using YAML::Syck with:  
$YAML::Syck::ImplicitUnicode = 1;

("utf8" for google)

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