[Catalyst] Config::General question

Kiki kiki at bsdro.org
Sun Jun 11 15:36:21 CEST 2006

A. Pagaltzis wrote:
> No.
OK, thanks. BTW, it's not for config, but for data files. That's why I
suspected C::G to be the wrong tool anyhow (it's not Data::General ;) ).

> The config will look messy, though, and as pointed out elsewhere
> in the thread, you should design the config format and then write
> code to support it, not vice versa. That would get you the
> following:
The problem is not transformation (yes, it's trivial or almost) but
effort to write the actual file. I dislike to endlessly copy and paste
field names (in this case "artistid" and "name"), and/or give a
meaningless name to each row. The easiest way to write it is exactly
this one, a list of fields and the sets of corresponding values, so my
ideal data format is (in YAML):
  - artistid
  - name
  - 1
  - Popular Band
  - 2
  - Indie Band

However for his kind of stuff the most convenient format seems to CSV,
so I guess I'll stick with that

Thanks again,

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