[Catalyst] 124 Plugins on CPAN!

Wade.Stuart at fallon.com Wade.Stuart at fallon.com
Wed Mar 8 17:33:05 CET 2006

> * Jesse Sheidlower <jester at panix.com> [2006-02-11 18:10]:
> >The problem is, we don't control all the plugins, so we can't
> >remove bad old ones if they're not from Team Catalyst.
> >
> >Which is why C::M::Plugins needs to include them with a
> >"deprecated" or "use C::P::Foo" instead comments, even though
> >this makes for a large C::M::Plugins.
> Conceded; the ones you can?t remove should be clearly called out
> as deprecated ? not a satisfactory situation, but definitely
> better than letting newcomers sort everything out on their own.
> Maybe try to get in touch with their authors to see if you can
> get them to retract the stuff?

How about a page hosted at cat.perl.org that lists all plugins and their
status vs the version of Cat?

If it is an app that people can update as new releases of Cat are pushed I
should be able to tag Cat::Plugin::fubar v.004 works with Cat Version 6.99
Then just point to the compatibility matrix all over the place so people
can see a live table.

Further,  if the database backend holds the author's email for the plugin
it can auto email the author on Cat release so they get active alerts about
Cat updates, can test and check their version as "works".

Not the best possible way for this to work but at least it would be one
stop shopping, and stop modules from being labeled as depreciated based
solely on age or "non-cat-core-team".

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