[Catalyst] Simplest way to insert debug messages for Apache2 + Catalyst?

Edric ehankamo at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 9 20:33:05 CET 2006

Correct, I'm running it as a virtual host. I have a custom conf file where my apache's httpd.conf file includes it at the very end. The file looks like...
 <VirtualHost *>
 ... stuff here

 Let me know if you or anyone else needs anymore info. Thanks.
 Andrew Bramble <andrew.bramble at omnilab.com.au> wrote: On Thursday 09 March 2006 10:54, Edric wrote:
> mod_perl 2.0
> Brandon Black  wrote: On 3/8/06, Edric  wrote:
> > thanks for the quick response.
> >
> >  Yeah I had that already in my main app class:
> >
> >  use Catalyst qw/-Debug FormValidator/;
> >
> >  Also in my apache conf file, i have the following line:
> >
> >  ErrorLog /usr/local/test/logs/apache_error_log
> >
> >  only error messages get outputted and not debug messages.
> What engine are you using? (mod_perl, fastcgi, plain cgi, etc?)
> -- Brandon

even Color log works for me;

Prefork or MPM ? I don't think that should make any difference either.

Are you running catalyst in a virtual host? 

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