[Catalyst] Controllers and Inheritance

Andrew Bramble andrew.bramble at omnilab.com.au
Sun Mar 19 02:36:27 CET 2006

Hi All, 

I recently tried building an extensible CMS style catalyst app, which proved 
two things to me;
1) Catalyst mays a lone programmer way more powerful.
2) My design sucked , but I can learn from that.

My biggest issue was I wrote MyApp::Controller::CMS with crud type methods 

sub create : Local {
	# do interesting stuff like authorization/roles/ CDBI
and Class properties allowing a descendant to define what types of CMS objects 
it was prepared to acknowledge.

and then inherited from that it the 'real' cms controllers.

The result being MyApp had a proliferation of Local create/edit/delete for 
each controller that inherited MyApp::Controller::CMS. Also there existed 
a /cms namespace that really wasn't relevant.

I would welcome suggestions about how to reduce that complication.

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