[Catalyst] Adventures in yak shaving.

Jess Robinson castaway at desert-island.demon.co.uk
Fri May 5 13:11:10 CEST 2006

On Thu, 4 May 2006, Len Jaffe wrote:

> So I've managed (with some sage advice from the
> denizens of #catalyst) to get my win32 install of
> catalyst to the point where script/my_server.pl
> complains about bit rot in CDBI::Plain at compile
> time.
> So I have a new yak (DBIC) to shave.  But I'm hopeful.
> DBIC doesn't look any more stubbly than CDBI was.
> Random question of the day: Anybody using DBIC with
> DB2?

Yeah, that'd be me.. more or less anyway.. I moved to SQLite for a bit 
since it was easier to update the schema there (or something).. but when 
this Versioning stuff I'm working on begins to make sene, I'll go back to 
it.. ;)

It works purty well on DB2 for the most part.. just don't go trying 
anything silly like column name quoting.


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