[Catalyst] trouble with "Authentication::Store::DBIC"?

John Napiorkowski jjn1056 at yahoo.com
Mon May 15 22:15:37 CEST 2006


I probably need to make a more detailed test case for
this but I thought to fish and see if anyone ran into
a similar problem (that they didn't mention on the
list yet.)

I have this strange problem using
Authentication::Store::DBIC where the config value I
set in my YAML file seems to get ignored.  Here's the
exact way I have it written:

    user_field: email
    password_field: password

Now in addition to the user_class table I have another
DBIx class called
and for some reason the $c->login trys to authenticate
against this class instead of the one I specified. If
I remove that model or even change the filename and
packagename it works as expected.

The thing that is even more strange is that I have
serveral classes starting with ..."members_[xxx]" and
none of those cause the trouble, just the one I listed

I have the change the ..."members_..." part of the
classname to fix the problem.  Even changing it to
"member_invitee" solves it.

I assumed I accidentally used the same package name in
more than one file but I am certain this is not the
case after looking into it for half the night.

I've changed the name for now as a workaround but this
problem bothers me quite a bit.  Does anyone else have
similar experience?  I'll work on a test case tomorrow


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