[Catalyst] Catalyst for (really) big applications

ian docherty ian at ecisecurity.com
Thu May 18 14:39:58 CEST 2006

I have used Catalyst for several projects now, and would choose nothing 

I have a niggling doubt in my mind however. Is it suitable for big 
applications, how big an application are people building with Catalyst?

The reason I ask this is because all of the application is loaded into 
memory when it starts (is this strictly correct?) so there is going to 
be a limit in the size of the application limited by, presumably, the 
amount of memory in the system.

I know it will be like comparing apples with pears, but PHP (for example 
Yahoo) can host enormous applications because it is free to spread out 
horizontally as far as it needs.

So, what is the effective limit of a Catalyst application. Any examples 
from people with real-world examples who can quote the number of 
controllers/models/views etc?


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