[Catalyst] Catalyst and robots.txt

Karl.Moens at marsh.com Karl.Moens at marsh.com
Fri May 19 10:00:04 CEST 2006

Brandon Black wrote:

> On 5/16/06, Bernhard Graf <catalyst at augensalat.de> wrote:
> > On Tuesday 16 May 2006 18:32, Bill Moseley wrote:
> >
> > > > Don't use robots.txt or you'll shoot into your own feet. Some
> > > > Spambots check for robots.txt to find the interesting pages.
> > >
> > > Do you have a reference that supports that claim?
> >
> > My web server log files. ;-)
> It might be interesting for someone to make a Catalyst module for
> bot-trapping, and stick that in a robots.txt Disallow: path.  Infinite
> recursion into randomly-generated seemingly-real content pages full of
> links to more of the same and fake nonsensical email addresses.

Or make it link to all these on-line pharmacies or mortgage-brokers.


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