[Catalyst] Announcing the Catalyst Charter and a new Core Team member

Matt S Trout dbix-class at trout.me.uk
Fri May 19 23:47:59 CEST 2006

With the recent changes to the personnel makeup of the Catalyst project, the 
members of the Catalyst core team felt that it was time to publically define 
the intentions, membership and organisational processes of the group with 
primary responsibility for driving and caretaking Catalyst development going 

After much discussion, drafting, re-drafting, and re-re-drafting (also known 
as Marcus Ramberg writing something perfectly sensible and the rest of us 
nitpicking at it until he finally got a version we couldn't moan about :) we 
are pleased to present the Catalyst Core Team Charter as a definition of who 
we are, what we're doing, how we go about deciding how to do it and who to 
blame when we get it wrong.

The unanimously approved document can now be found in the primary Catalyst 
subversion repostiory (canonical URI 
http://dev.catalyst.perl.org/repos/Catalyst) as part of the 
Catalyst::Manual::DevelopmentProcess POD document, and can currently be viewed 
This document will be shipped to CPAN with all future versions of the core 
Catalyst distribution, and any changes to it will be documented both my the 
repository revision log and by announcement to both the catalyst and 
catalyst-dev mailing lists.

At the same time, we are pleased to announce that Brian Cassidy (author of 
Catalyst::Plugin::ConfigLoader among many other useful things and known as 
LTJake on IRC) has joined the Core Team to bring us back up to our usual 
strength of seven developers, along with (in no particular order) myself, 
Marcus Ramberg, Christian Hansen, Andy Grundman, Yuval Kogman and Jesse 
Sheidlower. Glad to have you with us LTJake, and glad to have an extra person
to share the aforementioned blame :)

Enjoy all. Please try and stick to replying to the copy of this that goes to 
the main catalyst@ list so we don't end up with a split discussion thread that 
half the people listening can't see half of (note: "half" may be an innacurate 
measurement. no warranty express or implied. this is not the nitpick you're 
looking for) and thanks for persevering through this message while I got to 
the point.

Matt S Trout
Just Another Catalyst Hacker

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