[Catalyst] OT: Windows bashing

Nilson Santos Figueiredo Junior acid06 at gmail.com
Sat May 20 05:40:11 CEST 2006

On 5/19/06, Matt S Trout <dbix-class at trout.me.uk> wrote:
> Mostly. Catalyst and DBIx::Class run fine under cygwin because I've wasted
> days of my life chasing down bugs and annoying CPAN authors until they got
> fixed. And while I can get SVN::Mirror to work, I still can't get SVK running,
> I suspect due to a lurking bug in a dependency somewhere.

Just a silly note, really.
But I've actually got SVK running without problems under Win32,
*without* Cygwin. As is Catalyst, Apache, SVN repository, etc. But I
don't really use SVK, I don't think it nears TortoiseSVN goodness. ;-)

This whole argument is mainly a culture thing. I, myself, could care
less if I'm able to recompile my kernel or not - I don't plan on
having to do it. I much prefer things that just work. And that's why
Windows is my primary platform. Even open-source zealots, when porting
stuff to Windows make it friendlier to install. ActivePerl just works
out of the box, while I must spend around 10-15 minutes in every fresh
Linux install configuring things such as CPAN repositories, installing
stuff like LWP (which really should be a core module), etc.

Current Linux graphical environments are much more advanced than
Windows. The new SuSE 10.1 which comes with XGL already kicks the hell
out of the (yet to come) Vista. But, despite Novell's best efforts
with YaST, sometimes you still get in that situations best described
by these dreaded two words: dependency hell. This is the main thing
that pushes me away from Linux as a regular user. But it sure has
better tools for developers (well, not that much for Perl, but I can't
imagine the hell it is to do serious development in C without stuff
such as Valgrind).

-Nilson Santos F. Jr.

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