[Catalyst] RCF for a Catalyst Wiki Controller

John Napiorkowski jjn1056 at yahoo.com
Sat May 20 08:40:54 CEST 2006

Part of my current project requires am embedded Wiki. 
Although there are several really decent standalone
wiki's (Kwiki and Twiki come to mind, and are both
Wiki's that I have lots of experience with) I'd rather
have something that integrates with my Catalyst driven
website and all the features I've made for it,
including the custom membership and authentication
work.  That way I don't waste a lot of time
replicating the website look and feel to Twiki and
making sure all the member roles and access are
properly hooked up.

So I've been building a basic wiki component based on
the Wiki::Toolkit and some other Wiki examples from

I intend to release this to CPAN when I am done with
it, but before that I'd like to get your thoughts
about how you'd like it to work, that way what I
release is actually useful to the community.

The way I am currently building it is as a custom
Controller and Model.  Right now the Databasebackend
is Postgres, but there's nothing that would prevent
using SQLite as well or MySQL.  It's actually just a
few tables.

The system populates the Stash with some DBIx
resultsets that you can present in your view of

By default the system creates a wiki prefixed at the
controller action point.  My intention is to allow you
to have multiple wikis at different URI's and that you
can link between them using InterWiki linking.

What other things do you think this should have to be
useful?  Right now I'm getting paid to do this so
speak up :)


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