[Catalyst] Catalyst::View::REST::Data::Serializer 0.02

Adam Jacob adam at stalecoffee.org
Tue May 23 09:06:29 CEST 2006

Catalyst::View::REST::Data::Serializer version 0.02 has been released  
to CPAN.  From the Changelog:

0.02  Mon May 22 23:56:17 PDT 2006
         - Added "raw" option, to call the raw_serialize method  
instead of serialize
           This will let you skip all the Data::Serializer headers/ 

In case you're not familiar with Data::Serializer, it's a nifty  
module that allows for having a single interface to the many, many  
kinds of Perl serialization methods.  It also has things like  
compression, encoding, and lots more.

This feature will basically let you turn all those things off, and  
just return the data as returned form the serializer directly.

Next up is refactoring the way the view works, to make it easier to  
change the Serializer on the fly. (Allowing for the person requesting  
the data to specify what YAML over XML, for example, without changing  
the view)


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