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Dominique Quatravaux dom at idealx.com
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Carl Franks wrote:

> I'm the one responsible for HTML::Dojo!

Hi Carl, nice to meet you!

> HTML::Dojo has been on cpan since last monday, I think. I left off
> uploading it until they released Dojo 0.3.0

Since I mostly use search.cpan.org, I did not know about that either,

> Dojo FAQ Licenses and legal questions
> http://dojo.jot.com/FAQ#Licenses%20and%20legal%20questions

The FAQ does not answer my shop's concern («can I legally bundle Dojo
with a piece of software that is licensed like Perl?») and even if it
did it would be nothing more than estoppel on the part of whomever the
author of the FAQ is; as for most legal questions, only a judge
currently living in the future knows the answer for sure. The
surest-fire way of avoiding "copy"right liability is quite simply, not
to copy Dojo into my deliverables in the first place. But if you are
willing to take on the liability for me that's fine :-)

> Alien::Dojo uses a regex to parse the homepage, to find the
> download link. That would easily be broken if they, for example,
> added any any other attribute between the "<a" and the "href=".

That's why there is an option to manually download the zipfile: try
unplugging the Ethernet and rebuilding the package. I'm open to
suggestions on how to make the parser algorithm more robust (maybe use
the first link that starts with http://download.dojotoolkit.org/ ?),
but please elaborate on what's wrong with auto-download and regexes
per se?

> The actual HTML::Dojo can also be upgraded cleanly using CPAN.pm,
> without having to "rm -rf" anything in your perl/site_lib
> directory.

You are correct, A::D needs work here: I need to work around the lack
of an "uninstall" command in CPAN.pm (I usually wrap my CPAN packages
as debs or RPMs so the issue is moot for me).

I expect the upgrade issue to confuse users no matter how it is done,
since Dojo's numbering scheme is incompatible with Perl's. That's why
I chose to force A::D users to express their Dojo dependency in a
non-CPAN compatible fashion; whereas you intend to use CPAN as a
history mechanism for Dojo and deal with the release numbering scheme
discrepancy. TIMTOWTDI, I guess.

> Have you tried using the Alien::Dojo module for anything though? As
> it's quite broken at the moment.

No I didn't: as I said I'm new to Dojo. I wanted to release early, and
planned to make bugfix releases often as I made progress in
understanding Dojo.

> HTML::Dojo also bundles all of the different Dojo "editions". [...]
> There are many .html, .css, .swf and .gif files required for
> history support, storage support and the various widgets.


> I plan on adding a new method, so that the entire distribution can
> be output to a directory, just like Alien::Dojo's install(). Once
> that's added, would HTML::Dojo likely meet all your needs?

Can you please also find a way to retain my (planned) feature of
allowing for multiple Dojo versions in a single Perl package? "use
only" simply doesn't cut the mustard for me. Other than that I do
indeed need a flat-file copy of Dojo (to serve from a "raw" Apache)
and I would prefer not to have to duplicate it into some work
directory (A::D's ->path() does provide that kind of "zero-copy"). But
that's no biggie and I can live without that.

Best regards and another round of apologies for overlooking your work,

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